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Sphera Live! with Alexandra-Anna Pannic and Benjamin Wolf

A live event with Alexandra-Anna and Benjamin of Metropole. This week’s topic: Immigrants’ voting rights in Austria, and some of the complexities, challenges and successes of these communities.

June 17, 2021

Sphera Live! with Andrea Fioravanti

What happened to Fridays 4 Future? We will screen the latest video from our media partner Linkiesta, which discusses the ways in which the movement founded by Greta Thunberg has developed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Sphera Live! with the Good Travel Guide

This time, we are honouring #GreenWeek2021 and tackling the tricky topic of sustainable travel. Luckily, we have our friends at the Good Travel Guide to help us. We’ll be discussing sustainable travel, destinations and much more!

Sphera Live! vaccine travel in Poland with Tadeusz Michrowski

A chat with Tadeusz Michrowski, a journalist from Outriders, about people who travel for vaccine access in Poland.

In Poland, the way vaccine centres have been established, as well as the allocations of doses, means that some regions have far too many doses, and others too little. As a result, some Poles have travelled multiple hundreds of kilometres to get their preferred dose at their preferred time.

Sphera Live! with Omar Mamad & Luke Brabazon

Luke is a filmmaker based in Dublin who has created a video for Sphera under our migration theme. In the video, he interviews his Berber friend Omar, who recently acquired Irish citizenship, about his identity and sense of belonging. Omar has been in Ireland for over seven years and is a postdoc researchers in neruoscience at Trinity College Dublin.

Sphera Live: the future according to Gen Z

We are interviewing a few of the young people featured in our launch video. Sihaam, Christoph, and Leya told us what the future was about.

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