The Europeans

The Europeans is an award-winning podcast looking at politics and culture around the continent. It is produced and presented by Katy Lee, a journalist based in Paris, and Dominic Kraemer, an opera singer based in Amsterdam. Katy and Dominic delve into the stories that don't get enough attention in the national media and interview fascinating people across Europe, from writers to activists, scientists to chefs.


Cheese Diplomacy

Halloumi has just been recognised as a product unique to Cyprus — something that eurocrats have hailed as a positive step towards reconciliation on the divided Mediterranean island. Is there any truth to that? Cypriot podcaster Natalie Lamprou is here for a great chat about cheese, politics and Cypriot identity. We're also talking about the French mayor running a town from his jail cell, and the German gymnasts taking a stand against sexualisation in sport.

Podcast contest

Sphera is launching the first ever pan-European contest for the production of 12 podcast series in 6 European languages. The open call, coordinated by the podcast agency Bulle Media, aims to amplify the voices of the young European generation, to encourage European debate and promote pluralism, diversity and social inclusion.

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