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What does “migrant” mean to you?

People flow is a complex challenge for Europe, but what do we mean when we use the term “migrant”?

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Zoom call with a boss about the 4-day week

From New Zealand to Germany, the idea of a 4-day work week has been steadily gaining ground globally. Sweden tested the trial for 2 years and this September Spain will invest 50 million in a 3-year project. Up to 400 companies will be reducing their working week to 32 hours, while keeping their salaries the same.

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Solar gardens and the green transition

Some countries have committed to the EU objectives to mitigate the climate crisis. While they reduce emissions, few consider changing the model of energy ownership.

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Belarussian doctors coming to Europe and Poland

Belarusian doctors are moving abroad, and going to Germany, Russia, Ukraine, or in this case, Poland

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Ute Groth: female head of the German Football Association?

Should there be more women-led positions in the world of football?

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How policemen treat illegal migrants in France

A specialized police officer explains that this hunt for undocumented migrants relies heavily on facies checks.

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